My holidays to the distance

Yesterday’s best temperature was 36℃ at Tokyo. It was clear all day, and the mountains of the Tanzawa direction where there were Mt. Fuji and my home were seen clearly from Yokohama Port yesterday.

On the occasion of the coming and going of home and the workshop, my body accumulates heat. It is not discharged for a while in the cooled room either. I came home and took a shower of the water and finally revived.

Today’s best temperature is expected with 32℃. It expects the cloudiness from the afternoon. The time of a short summer vacation of about 1 week began in Japan. However, I am busy with a sad thing from now on.

I take the examination of a certain special ability today. I must show the skill after a pass for the examination in the workplace. The long vacation passed for me to the distance of the long future. It is reality in Japan.

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