The Swedish woman who does her best in Japan

A Swedish woman who married a Japanese lives a substantial life in Japan. And she clears the Japanese site called Japan Sweden Intermix.

Her profile : 柚井ウルリカの簡単プロフィール (JP)

The outline of the profile

The Swedish woman born in 1968 grew up in Östersund to the senior high school. She lived in every summer at Gorvik village which left 80 kilos from Östersund. She began karate at the age of 16 years old. She didn’t expect that she emigrated to Japan at all then.

She came to like karate and came to be interested in Japanese culture, words. She did not think deeply about a course after the graduation from high school. She traveled in European each place while working part-time.

And she thought about Japanese study suddenly in a Greek bank. She studied Japanese at Stockholm university for approximately 1 year. She decided to take a trip to India and Nepal after having practiced the karate for half a year in Japan.

When she arrived at Narita by a passenger plane and moved from Narita airport to a hotel, she felt mysterious. As for her, here felt seem to be a hometown. Her impression of the Japanese beginning is “too hot!” The plan for stay in Japan of her a half year extends now in 17years.

She married a Japanese man in the meantime. The reputation of the Japanese men is not so good in Sweden of the gender equality.

“the Japanese woman is ruled by a man, and it seems that there is not one’s intention.”
It seems to be thought so about Japan in Sweden. Her Swedish friends seemed to have expected her divorce.

She writes one’s thought positively. In her site, it is sometimes written dissenting opinion to  Japanese conservative men. The typical bad Japanese whom a so overseas women hold in a Japanese men. However, Japanese many women show understanding to her. Japanese conservative men are fossils. They threaten women by violent words in ignorance. But there are such men all over the world. I decided to often visit her site.

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