Stupid Japanese English education

Confusion occurs in the English class of the Japanese elementary schools.  ALT(Assistant of Language Teacher) teaches the English with a Japanese English teacher in the Japanese elementary school. The ALT is an English native speaker. And they don’t speak japanese well.

They cooperate and do teach the English? No. It is illegal in a Japanese law…

When the primary schoolchildren cannot understand spoken English by ALT,they cannot ask a Japanese teacher a question. Why does such a stupid situation happen?

It is an inappropriate combination between an educational administration in Japan and labor management. Those elementary schools secure ALT through a company. The company dispatches ALT to the elementary school. It is illegal that two teachers cooperate according to the opinion of the labor bureau.

However, the primary schoolchildren cannot understand English if teachers do not share it. Therefore, the teachers shared it for illegal readiness and taught the English.

The Japanese labor administration and educational administration must improve the situation for primary schoolchildren. Japan becomes the left-winger Administration and causes delay and the degeneration in many courses.

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