Propaganda series : Seriepropaganda

from DN.SE

 Propaganda series

Forget mossy military journals and pamphlets. When a new generation of Japanese to learn about the importance of cooperation between the U.S. and Japan are the manga series of the form which apply.

To celebrate that 50 years have passed since a security agreement concluded between the countries has the U.S. military let out a series of four parts under the name “Our alliance – a long-term partnership”.

Main character is Usa-kun, an American boy wearing jacket with hood and bunny ears, which becomes friends with the Japanese girl Anzu Arai. Together they study the U.S. military presence in Japan.

The first section tells the boy to the girl that he had come to defend her because they are “important friends”.

DN sometimes carries an unexpected article about Japan. It is the topic that is not known in Japan. The possibility that an argument about Japan is performed in Sweden while a Japanese does not know it.

I felt that there might be many Swedes who thought Japan to be a militaristic country. Japan may have seemed to be past. Sweden dreamed of a northern empire in the past, too.

Many Japanese citizens expect alliance maintenance with U.S.A. now. And many Japanese citizens are cautious of a slant to China of the Japanese leftist government.


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