Sweden is a country owning the long domain in the north and south, and the domain is divided into the southern part(Götaland), the central part’Svealand), the northland(Norrland) roughly. Skåneland is the south district in Götaland.

Skåne catches the influence of Denmark very much. Because this land was Denmark territory until the 17th century. Denmark competed against Sweden about Skåne until the 18th century. And a unique dialect,Scanian dialects is spoken in Skåne.

The flag of Skåneland combines the red field of the flag of Denmark with the yellow cross of the flag of Sweden, reflecting the troubled history of the region. the Nordic tradition of cross flags is applied to this flag.




Anna Hertzman is a singer of the Skåne native place. Skånska is talked about on two upper videos.


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