My homestead,Rera’s trees

Because SL is the American virtual world, the trees given to us beforehand by all means is limited to a North American trees. There is a limit to reproduce Japan and the world forest only in Linden Plants. Like many inhabitants, I use  sold trees together with Linden Plants. It is to express my homestead,Rera like North Japan,Hokkaido.

Linden Plants which I planted most in Rera is Cypress.   Chamaecyparis obtusa is its closely related tree in Japan.

SLはアメリカの仮想世界なのでどうしてもあらかじめ我々に与えられる樹木は北米の樹木に限られます。それだけでは日本や世界の森林を再現するには限界があります。あたしは自分のHomesteadであるReraを北海道南部にするためLinden Plantsと市販されている木々を組み合わせています。これは誰もが行っていますよね。


Ponderosa Pine is completely the tree which only the North America has. It is planted in substitution for Larches in Japan and the Europe.

Ponderosa Pineは完全に北米にしかない樹木です。日本やヨーロッパではカラマツ(Larches)の代用として用います。

 The white birch is important as a tree of Hokkaido. I had to purchase this. I put white birches made by Swedish Eddie on Rera now.

北海道の木として外せないシラカバはLinden Plantにはありませんので作るか購入しなくてはなりません。あたしはスウェーデン人のEddieの手によるシラカバを植えています。

Ash Rowans are the trees growing in South Hokkaido. I purchased this. Because Hokkaido resemble the North Europe, as for the scenery of it, I refer to North European SIM.


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