Taivaan Helmi : The Sky walk on Lost Lakes

I came over to Lily Airstrip faced with Lost Lakes of the Sansara continent.


 As for texture of the ground of SL, what land is it expressed in a standard? Perhaps, as for it, the American soil is expressed in SL.

The scenery which does not seem to be the North Europe.

Such a wooden bridge rather associates South America.

 And it is The Mediterranean Sea.

 Linden seems to want to bring in Greece-like scenery in SL.

 Several yachts do cruising of the lake.

 I broke off my flight as soon as scenery became the tropical zone.

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3 Responses to Taivaan Helmi : The Sky walk on Lost Lakes

  1. Well,
    so right in your remarks about a landscaping design grought by Linden Labs.

    In most zones lack of diversity of the world zones. Mainly variations from tropical to New England scene. But even at the States a hug palette of bio-sfere hasn’t represent inworld.

    So, LL needs landscaping advisors to help create a very close reality simulation world when a themed zone it’s named?


    Good work, god flight!

  2. http://racingteamakhassha.posterous.com/yamato

    I follow you and spread your trips.

    Keep doing well.

  3. ujiyasu says:

    I think that more variety is necessary for Mainland. Of course texture which there is too much is burdened for SIM. However, is one texture of the soil burdened for SIM?

    In the virtual world inside, a change is fast. It is fast that the inhabitants of SL get tired of something. LL should use more Linden plants and various topography and soil texture.

    It’s finally profit for Mainland inhabitants 🙂

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