Taivaan Helmi : The Sky walk in the Snowlands2

Anton Airstrip is most suitable as a flight foothold in Snowlands. The existence of neighboring Linden protectlands has good circumstances for a flight. And object isn’t excessive here. It promises a smooth flight to us.


The flight here lets me forget the summer when Tokyo is unpleasant.

The people want to put much objects in SIM. The land is purchased in SL, and the maintenance cost is necessary, too. Naturally the people want to put something as much as possible.

However, I noticed a certain thing. It is important not to pack  SIM with much object.

The simple natural scenery satisfies me enough.

The highest mountainous area in Sansara continent seems to be changing on.

I don’t like that there is a huge structure on the mountaintop of the high mountain. It is because it is unnatural. There is the person thinking that it is splendid to go against gravity daringly. I don’t intend to criticize it. But I don’t like it.

The people who had much talent left SL.

Scenery of the beginner is spreading over Mainland again.

I crashed in beautiful land. There is good to walk, but is unsuitable for a flight. There is not suitable for a flight with excessive object.

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