The heat is getting to me

The exploration of Mainland in my SL is cut off. I planned the exploration of the Gaeta continent. However, as for Gaeta, the continent whole is tropical scenery. I do not want to look at the tropical zone now. Summer in the suburbs of hot Tokyo that is beyond 35 degrees every day.

The amount of the sweat gland for regulation of body temperature in the human being is 2000000-5000000. Many inhabitants living in a hot climate have much amount of the sweat gland. The Japanese has a sweat gland of an average of 2,300,000. And the amount of the personal sweat gland is decided by two or three years old.

I who was born and raised in Hokkaido am weak in summer of Tokyo. Perhaps the North European people have the amount of sweat glands more few than a Japanese. When there is few amount of the sweat gland, I can’t sweat enough in severe summer. And it brings a rise of the temperature.

In the summer of Tokyo, I am very dangerous to me.

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