Panavia Tornado was released by AMOK. The tornado was developed jointly by the United Kingdom, West Germany and Italy. AMOK’s tornado has some types, too. I bought the tornado of Luftwaffe from them.

The square-built shape has the charm that an American fighter does not have.

An armament controller sits in the backseat. tornade of AMOK can fight only with a pilot.

Fighter Bomber Wing 31″Boelcke” (JaBoG 31) according to the fighter pilots of World War I. Oswald Boelcke (1891-1916). The JaboG31 was fitted as the first squadron of Panavia Tornado IDS.  JaBoG 31 is arranged in Nörvenich, Nordrhein-Westfalen now.

As for The tornado, air interdiction is a main duty. It is to attack rear military units and the military installation of the enemy. And it is a severe duty.

The tornado of AMOK is equipped with exact ground attack armament same as RL. The tornados of the Royal Air Force played a remarkable role in the Gulf War. The Japanese mass communication reported a loss of tornados exaggeratedly in those days.

However, it is the unfair evaluation that a duty of Tornado is not considered. Tornado is a success product. And the performance is a perfect excellent strike fighter.

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