Taivaan Helmi : No. 24 Squadron

B-239 was assigned to No. 24 Squadron(Lentolaivue 24 or LLv.24). The squadron gave big military gains in Winter War. No. 24 Squadron with 34 Brewster fighters fought hard in The Continuation War from the early stages. The Finnish aircraft were marked with a yellow band, similar to German aircraft, to more easily distinguish them from the opponents’ aircraft.

 No. 24 Squadron was the most successful fighter squadron of the Finnish Air Force during World War II, claiming 877 aerial victories for a loss of 55 aircraft.

No. 24 Squadron (Finnish: Lentolaivue 24 or LLv.24, from 3 May 1942 Le. Lv.24), renamed No. 24 Fighter Squadron. The Lynx in white background is the sqadron emblem.

 This B-239 in SL has the lightest mobility like a historical fact in a buffalo family.

No. 24 Squadron produced 7 Mannerheim Cross winners.

However, B-239 is the airplane which is cute for me. And it shows the ability that it is hard to make light of by the aerial dogfight.

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