Former Hokkaido cooking

I met Leah in Airplane Expo this morning. She introduces SL airplanes in her Japanese blog. I and she are from Hokkaido. We talked about some meals of Hokkaido besides airplanes there.

 The cuttlefish is hardly edible any place other than the Latin in the West. And a fresh cuttlefish is edible directly(Sashimi on cuttlefish) in Hakodate. I love it, but my mother cannot eat it. It is a unimaginable cooking ingredient for her. The fish caught in the cold seas such as a herring, a cod and salmon are edible in Hokkaido. And scallops,oysters,lobsters, crabs are edible, too.

 And Hokkaido is a large production center of the potatoes in Japan. My mother was pleased with this. However, the potato food in Hokkaido disappointed my mother at first. The difference of the taste with grandparents of my father was in particular very big. It boiled potatos with salt. My mother sticked potetos in her throat. Was not there the soup then? There was the soup-shaped cooking, but unfortunately she did not like it.

 The meal feeling in Hokkaido was improved greatly since before I was born. However, the Japanese old man is generally plain food very much,

I would suffer from malnutrition if I took in the meal then. However, I still love a cold place.

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