Finnish Brewster Buffalo “Taivaan Helmi”

Brewster F2A Buffalo was released by Tomby’s. This is the fighter which waited for me to be released. The Brewster F2A Buffalo was an American fighter during World War II.

This is British Commonwealth air forces model in South East Asia.

This is a Finnish air force. 44 buffalos exported to Finland participated actively. The Finnish pilots were excellent. And they knew performance of the buffalo well. The Finnish buffalo that the unnecessary equipment was omitted held light mobility.

Finland was considered to be an axle in World War II, but there is the original cause for Winter War. Finland has the history that has been tossed about in the surrounding nations. Finland has been governed as a part of the Kingdom of Sweden in a for a long time. Finland was conquered in 1809 by Russian Empire, but declared independence taking advantage of the Russian Revolution of the end of World War I on December 6, 1917. However, the ambition of the territory of Stalin was turned to Finland. The Soviet Union wanted the Finnish gulf where Leningrad faced.

When the Soviet Union concluded a mutual nonaggression pact with Germany, the Soviet Union pushed forward the merger of Baltic States. The Soviet Union demanded a lease of Finnish islands, and Finland refused it. The Soviet Union invaded and attacked in grounds by the case that they made up to Finland in the afternoon of 26th in November, 1939.

 On November 30,Soviet Union started attack with 23divisions,450,000soldiers,1,880guns, 2,385tanks,670planes in a whole Finnish border. A lot of soldiers determined to fight till the last in the Finnish armed forces were very high in the morale.  The soldiers of the Soviet Union force seems to be a slave essentially;the morale deteriorated.

 The Finnish armed forces fought bravely. Sweden sent 9000 volunteers to Finland. The world opinion supported Finland, too. However, each country did not finally do the substantial support. Finland made peace with the Soviet Union and did cession of a territory.

 It caused Continuation War to 1944 from 1941. The trial of the Finnish recovery of lost territory was considered to be an axle. However, in the case of Finland, what is considered to be a complete axle is not right. If all the Soviet Union is right, the justice of allied powers fades. Finland should not be considered to be Japan and Germany and the same line.

Taivaan Helmi “Pearl of the Skies” is still Finnish pride.

The military aircraft insignia is associated with a Finnish national flag. The white expresses snow. The light blue Scandinavia cross expresses Finnish lake and sky. I am proud of ride on the fighter with the relation in  North Europe.

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