An outlaw in SL

I think that an aerial dogfight in SL has a rule. In fact a rule is established in well-known SIM in Olds aerial dogfight. However, unfortunately there seems to be the aerial dogfight group which is near to the injustice.

I reached it in the sky then on Flora Yumix Japan. Because I was invited to tackle which was one of that new owners. I bombed for the loser of the island and told him.

Then a fighter took off from the island and became it and has begun to shoot me. I was shot down without the interval that gave speed. I was shot down who an enemy was and confirmed it later.

tackle explained to me that the man was the French of the senior member of the group called WW2.

“He is good guy.”

tackle says.

A person attacking unknown another person with every effort suddenly is not a good person. It is a shameless person. I operated a French fighter. And the French painted a French fighter with mud.

An aerial dogfight is strong, and the pilot is not respected. A fair thought is accompanied with the ace there, and it is respected. The man is only the bandit who is strong in an aerial dogfight. I feel neither the friendly feeling nor the respect with him and the group.

The man shot me down and disappeared silently. He does not seem to know even greetings.

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2 Responses to An outlaw in SL

  1. So sorry…
    I was out of military matters and still I have keen to be appart…
    …but honour and fair play it’s not a military boundery. Good play it’s a common value of behaviour.

    By other hand, my dad always said that the best and beyond progress saddly cames from war times…

    And it’s true that high end technologies mainly cames from military development.
    I mean that the Air Force’s planes should be up the line in balance performances.

    When I was young I loved fighters and mid-bomber-fighters and still seaplanes and Navy Air Forces. Don’t forget that was in Spain when grown the Marines corps early XIIs. and development for submarines and autogiros later XIXs. and XXs.

    Greetings to you, ujiyasu, I rediscover Air Forces and flight different planes. I love that ones with aerobatics accent for their sportive character. And others with remark in stability. I try a remake, simply, of the AirCamper with the older script that work very well. And searching for historical spanish fleet, suggestions welcome -I will design the paint work to match-.

    So, any one wants to teach me a lil’ on the dog fight technique?

  2. ujiyasu says:

    As for flying by warplane in SL, it is useful for me to know the world history. Of course there are many people who fly by warplane to enjoy a game.

    It is subsidiary for me. I don’t like surprises as my style. It may be different from a real battle. The people accepting it should fight at their specific place.

    Many beginners fly in Yumix and train. The act a person of skill breaks into there, and to shoot them down is not heroic. Rather it is a terrorist.

    I know many superior fighter pilots. And they always keep fair plays in mind. The senior teach the technology of the aerial dogfight kindly if you belong to the group.

    Oops I forgot sailing…

    I must explore the mainland 🙂

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