Swedish has many dialects so that Japanese has many dialects. The Swedish south has a district called Skåne. The dialect of Swedish spoken in Skåne is called Skånska. Skånska is different from other dialects in the pronunciation conspicuously.

Rolling R is pronounced in the north from Stockholm. The pronunciation of R of Skånska is called Skorrande R(as a uvular trill). It is difficult for Skorrande R to understand the Japanese.


“Nour ordering food at the mushy Skåne. ”

She orders Coca-Cola, but it is not understood first. Coca-Cola changes like Coca-Ciola. Skånska has many diphthongs.


There are the cases that p/t/k turn into b/d/g. Skånska seems to be a language different from a dialect of Stockholm definitely in the case of hearing. It is said that it was affected by Danish of the neighborhood geographically.


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2 Responses to Skånska

  1. From my past time in Cobenhavn (I remember spell like that) I just learn to say TAK / TAK TAK.

    But I’m always a nordish think in my mind.
    Extrem weathers, mild summers -well, most time raining in Sealand- and a very charming people.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    The North European languages have Old Norse as common ancestors.Therefore, it is said that some mutual understanding is possible if there is it between them.

    However, time is necessary to learn even Swedish for an outsider like me. Because I was born and raised in a cold district, I feel charm in the cold country.

    Even a severe snowstorm of the winter is a dear thing for me :)

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