Feeble catches and the price remarkable rise of the shrimp

from DN.SE

Feeble catches gives rekorddyr(dirt expensive?) shrimp

Summer räkfrossa(eating shrimps and drinking wine) has gotten really expensive. For the fish auction in Strömstad, the availability of shrimp, only half of normal. Fishermen blame the jellyfish, but scientists fear overfishing.

Refer to A cat in the kitchen about räkfrossa.

The lack of shrimp has made that prices have reached record levels. On sale are sold for more than 200  kronor per kg which gives a price in the store at around 300  kronor per kg.

“It is reaching the pain threshold for how expensive it is to sell to the public.”
Eive Axelsson,director of Strömstad fish auction says.

He estimates that the supply of shrimp is halved. Reports of the ICES indicates a trend in terms of shrimp stocks. The last 15 years, the stock has remained constant or increasing, but since 2007 it has fallen.

“I would not be better than any alarm today, but we must be awake, for there is a tendency that the stock is going down.”
Max Cardinale,Fish Biologist in the Marine Fisheries Laboratory in Lysekil says.

The reason is the low production of small shrimp. But why this is so, there are various theories.

“Many more fishermen have switched to shrimp. It may be that they have begun to charge so much that the stock goes down. But it can also be a disturbance in the population due to such temperature fluctuations.”

Matz Berggren,Researchers at the Department of Marine Ecology, Göteborg University says.

Sonny Front, chairman of the Swedish fishermen’s associations nationwide räkkommitté, is not worried. He has seen the catches go up and down for 50 years and is confident it will be up to normal levels once again. According to him, the jellyfish, which disturbs the catch.

“It is very jellyfish. They sit in the thread on the beam that can easily crack. It becomes like a bag full of jelly.”
He says.

Matz Berggren confirms that it is very jellyfish, even if there are any extreme summer.

Eive Axelsson, director of the fish auction in Strömstad, believe that there are jellyfish that are the problem.

“It is enough jellyfish for not attending to trawl in all cases”
 Eive Axelsson says.

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