Yumix : *Aristocrats* F-2B

Yumix Estate is known for the production sale of the airplane in SL. Many airplane shops concentrate in particular on Yumix Canal. Aristocrats is known like AMOK by having many kinds of a sold fighter jet. And they consider an aerial dogfight by vice. And demo plane is prepared in Aristocrats. I took a test ride on F-2.


The Mitsubishi F-2 Fighter belonged to a category of Support Fighter first. Support Fighter means Strike fighter. Political power of the left dislikes a military term in Japan.

When the Air Self-Defense Force began to deploy F-104J in 1960’s, a surplus of F-86 occurred. As for the fighter of the Air Self-Defense Force of the those days, interception was the only duty. The ground-attack duty was not given a Japanese fighter. And 3support fighter squadrons were founded by surplus F-86. They were deployed in 3Air Defense Forces each one.

F-86 was replaced with F-1 made in Japan before long. And the development of the Support Fighter was decided so that a durability time limit of F-1 approached in 1990. F-2 was a plan made in Japan except an engine entirely at first.

However, in 1980’s when development program was announced, trade friction with U.S.A. was intense. The American Congress used strong pressure in Japan.

“The Support Fighter should develop it jointly with U.S.A.”
“Is Japan going to make Zero fighter again?”

The Japanese Government gave up domestic production and decided joint development with U.S.A. The pressure to Japan of the U.S. Government was continued afterwards. However, Japan could not but obey an American demand because Japan cannot make an engine.

F-2 assumes an F-16 a mother’s body, but it is approximately completely designed again. It is larger to carry air-to-ship missile 4 at the maximum.

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