Yumix is the owners of Yumix Estate consisting of above-mentioned 10SIM. Most of the estate inhabitants are Japanese, but there are German and Hungarian SIM, too. Yumix invited me to sky srea of Yumix Square SIM. Runways are made there.

She rezzed her exclusive jet airliner there. It is B-737 by the Hungarian creator Katalin Larnia. Katalin establishes a foothold in Yumix.

The bar is installed inside as well as a guest room.

And bed room…

I sat in the copilot seat. Yhe B-737 takes off from now on and circulates through Ymunx Estate.

B -737 took off slowly.

And it flew away from the sky srea of Yumix Square.

B-737 fly ahead of some SIMs.

B-737 became the preparation for landing to Japan Airport of Yumix Ocean.

Here is the one of the airports where I use well.

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