A hesitation in the medical care of the Japanese Government

The Philippines and the Indonesian government demanded the opening of the labor market from Japan. And Japan concluded an economic partnership agreement with them. It is that Filipino and Indonesian nurses work in Japanese medical facilities.

In Japan of the aging society, the security of the medical care worker is regarded as urgent business. And nurse many Filipinos and Indonesian took an examination in Japan. However,only 3 people passed the examination.

The cause is difficult Japanese. The medical term is difficult with Japanese. However, the nurse examination in Japan is not carried out in English. Because the Japanese old man does not understand English.

This is a mistake of the Japanese Government. The leaders of the Japanese Government want to appeal to the world for that Japan is opened abroad. However, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare resists it.

“Is a government leader going to educate English to a Japanese old man again?”

Unrealistic, and it is non-efficiency. The government leader should think about another method.

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