4th Fighter Group

I visited 4th Fighter Group “Fighting Eagles”-Spirit of MINGALADONE WW2 with Tackle.

I wanted to buy other Fw190. Josh just happened to pass by our front then. He sold Fw190. Because he was a member of Flying Tigers, I trusted his Fw190 and bought it.

He is the SIMs of 4th Fighter Group owner,Andrew.

Dana of the resident of here is making her airplane.

Andrew recommended a French fighter,Dewoitine to me. He is the French.

He guided me to the headquarters.

He owns 5SIMs. There are various institutions there.

He makes efforts in the building of the carrier now.

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6 Responses to 4th Fighter Group

  1. A very nice proper Air Base. I know so well Dewoitine palmares in real life, nice fighter to train and fast acrobatics. With a large history allover WWII battle fronts. A joy.


  2. ujiyasu says:

    Yes. And real we are friendly. Anyone boards the airplane of both Allied Forces and axle force here. It is sake of a pleasant game.

    We praise each other’s airplanes after an aerial dogfight. We learn each other’s ability.

    The SL inhabitants of many countries participate in this game. Even if a battle is a theme, it deepens each other’s friendships 🙂

  3. davedorm says:

    I just discovered it as well. I fly in a WWI-era group, we rented a hangar here for our group to practice in.

  4. ujiyasu says:

    Ahh,the biplane or triplane is wonderful, too. I visited SIMs which reproduced WWI-era the other day. There was very beautiful.

  5. Andrew Ivanovic says:

    Hello all !
    Thanks you for your visit and you will see new mountains and bridge since the last time !

  6. ujiyasu says:

    It is pleasant that I fly over your estate.
    By the way, is Shana a producer of the B-17?

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