Tropical night in southern Norrland

from DN.SE

Tropical night in southern Norrland

After Saturday’s highs for the season, it has been called a tropical night on a few sites in southern Norrland. The temperature dropped below 20 degrees are not. It does not happen every summer in the country. But next weekend it may be more velvet nights.

Saturday night was extremely hot in many parts of the warm southerly airstream which on Saturday gave the seasonal maximum 32.1 degrees in the seats next to Vänern and brought Angermanland

In Söderhamn and Sundsvall decreased temperature is not below 20 degrees, which is defined as a tropical night. In Sundsvall there was never colder than 22 degrees, according to SMHI’s chart. It would be a tangent of northern record from Rödkallen outside Luleå on 6 July 1972.

“Such warm nights Does this happen everytime note buzzer. Last Year There Was No example.”
The meteorologist at SMHI、Lisa Frost says.

As a rule, the tropical nights later in the summer, when sea water is thoroughly heated.

Most common are those in southwestern Sweden. The past 40 years, noted West Coast 30-40 tropical nights. On the East coast came about half as often.

The warmest recorded the night occurred August 10, 1975, when Hill, Skåne never got cooler than 23.7 degrees.

High summer 2010 has just come in time. Maybe we can get more warm nights in only a few days.

“It actually looks like it could be so hot again.”
Lisa Frost says.

In the middle of the week will be a few days of cooler weather, but at the end of next week, it looks to be about 30 degrees.















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