Large Fraction after salmon documentary

from DN.SE

Large Fraction after salmon documentary

A Norwegian environmental activist has sat in Norwegian laxodlarkänslor(salmon culture feeling?) stirred since he claims that Norwegian farmed salmon contains carcinogens. People almost having come up for grabs.
Environmental activist Kurt Oddekalv will with his statements in a French documentary that forced the Fisheries Minister Lisbeth Berg-Hansen to make contact with his French colleague to ensure and guarantee that it is safe to eat Norwegian salmon.
Salmon farmers are furious and trade association Fishery og havbruksnäringens country club, FHL, has written letters to sponsors and Oddekalvs produced him as a malicious and mendacious scam maker.
Oddekalv, Norway’s leading environmental movement Miljövernforbund has responded by threatening information manager for the FHL, Are Kvistad, with the ironing.
“Now it’s war. If I were to face the Branches where would he get the fuck up. And I have just started to dribble with the ball.”
Oddekalv says.
The documentary argues Oddekalv that the Norwegian salmon contains carcinogenic substances from the chemical agent used to remove parasites from the fish.
Both the Minister of Fisheries and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Mattilsynet, denies. Twigs Oddekalv call for “a dangerous clown”.
“I do not know if I should laugh or cry. Oddekalv spreading lies and threatening violence.He appears to say the least frivolous.”
says Kvist. He is backed by fisheries minister who calls for Oddekalvs statements “unfortunate”.
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