Japanese people have the shortest holidays in the world

from DN.SE

Japanese people have the shortest holidays in the world

The Japanese are taking vacation days at least, only nine days, while the French enjoy the whole 37.5 days per year.

According to a new Japanese study has at least leave in the world, 16.5, while they choose to make use of these half days. The French are using their other hand, gladly 37.5 days.

In the list of countries with at least will leave the U.S. in second place. American has an average of 17 days holiday, in which 14 of those exploited. 17 New Zealanders use of its 19.5 days. We Swedes uses 89 percent of our vacation, which means 27.5 days.

Danes, Germans and Norwegians, however, fully exploit their holidays ranging from 27.5 to 29 days.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, interviewed 9000 people in 13 countries about their holiday habits.









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