The Japanese left-winger Administration must not abolish a Japan-U.S. interchange program.

Japanese reporter of a certain Washington residence wrote it on Japanese newspaper.

from Sankei News(JP)

One of the American players who are the strongest in “Georgetown University / the Washington judo club” where I already go to for nearly 10 years is three steps of young men called Irvin Brandon. He rarely loses in the Judo competition of the metropolitan area. 

He of the early thirties is SP of the very important person guard that the occupation is up to professional standard. He knows that I am a journalist and already quite always asks about Japanese politics a lot. He shows friendly feeling to Japan and respect full and speaks, besides.

I asked him about a relation with Japan. He was a member of the Japan Exchange and Teaching(JET). The Japanese government cooperates with each local government, and the JET is “foreign country young man invitation businesses to perform language study guidance” to invite young man and woman as English teacher such as U.S.A. Irvin taught English as the assistant English teacher in a county school close to Ichinoseki-city of Iwate for three years from 1999.

“I learned it about mind of the therefore Japanese respect for the old and generosity to another person and harmony. I felt that Japan was not so different from the sense of values of my grandparents who were a black either.”

He said.

Irvin who was born and raised in Washington district graduated from Howard University of the black prestigious school and applied for JET at 22 years old immediately and came to Iwate.

“It was certain that myself attracted the Japanese’s attention, but negative correspondence was surprised that there was not it at all.”

And he worked hard at judo besides English guidance.

“I learn mind of the Japanese Bushido from oneself and make use in duties of the present guard. I was useful so that my human being formation cannot measure the whole experience in Japan.

“As for the greatest lesson, I see Japan and the United States in different culture, but it is what it experienced when the core of the human being level of both nations is common surprisingly.”

In fact, I was not surprised at his such story that much. The Americans of the person who experienced lot of JET show goodwill to Japan and good will. The JET is the success example of the maximum by the Japanese interchange plan to U.S.

However, the Japanese existing leftist government is going to abolish JET. The JET is a program of the future intention. It is not a program for Japanese adult who cannot speak English. There is it for U.S.A. and a Japanese young generation.


Japan is greeting super aging society. Japanese adults who are weak in English leave it at a stretch sometime soon. What does Japanese adult leave for children then? We should not abolish this program for the family budget of adult. Japanese adult tends to be wrong now.


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