Corsica : The boat navigation vol.6

We are enabled to sail the southern coast of the Corsica continent in the east and west by passing proteced zone made for the edge of SIM. However, the degree of freedom of the route is limited. And there is not so the yacht harbor where we can drop in at on the way. Therefore, it is very likely that the voyage becomes the long range. The fewness of an airport and the port, Rez Zone is unarranged  make the movement by the vehicle in the Corsica continent tight.

コルシカ大陸の南岸を東西に航海するにはSIMの縁に設けられたproteced zoneを通ることで可能になります。けれども航路の自由度は限定されます。更に途中寄港できるヨットハーバーもあまり無く、勢い長距離の航海になる可能性が高いです。こと乗り物に関しては空港や港の少なさ、公道におけるRez Zoneの未整備などコルシカ大陸における移動には制約があります。

I sailed the Corsica southern coast from Degrand.

However, I suggest that we explore the bottom of the sea around Degrand.


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