Denmark finished at the World Championships


Denmark finished at the World Championships

Thomas Sorensen was completely gone, and again had to Denmark to say goodbye to a finals in a bad way.


It was again an unworthy farewell, Denmark was at a World Cup finals. For the third time for the generation of players, from which three can now say goodbye, because the national team lost 3-1 to Japan.

Again Mon folded hands, so knuckles were white with anger when it was obvious that it was over at a World Cup. Just eight years ago, Thomas Sorensen, the man who was seen at as an explanation was found. For it was straightforward. He allowed only one free kick sail in the goal from 37 meters on the side where he only had to cover, and he put a wall up at the wrong goal for 2-0.

Japanese smile

Consequently, Denmark was behind with 2-0 after half an hour, and then it was immaterial that Thomas Sorensen saved the ball across the break instead of sitting in dressing room. He did not what he had in the match and therefore smiled Japanese broad, already since they ran on the track to the second half.


It was just about to be, so you curled toes when Sorensen lost a floating free kick messages from more than 40 meters and the ball hit the post. In the rest of the match shouting crowd expectantly when Sorensen should have the ball. There was now something again?

It oozed a thin mist across the stadium from the start of the second Half and out into the African darkness. Same way, a whole generation of international players take now. Sorensen is not one of them. He continues and good for it. For he was one of Denmark’s best players, if not the best in World Cup qualifying. It might not be forgotten while they were about to knock his knuckles red than those of his mistake, you could not understand.

Three can say goodbye

In contrast to Thursday evening also get a bye to Jon Dahl Tomasson, Jesper Gronkjaer and Martin Jorgensen. Stops are now, it was none of them the farewell hint for the national team, they had hoped or even expected. Perhaps with the exception of Jon Dahl Tomasson.

He made the final goal, so he now shares the dignity which all time top scorer in the Danish league, and it happened at almost comical manes! He burned his first penalty but scored later from a meter, even though he had a hamstring or a fiber rupture. Leader was also about to miss riposten and the rest of the match he limped around like a picture that perhaps it is now, it ends with Tomasson in red and white.

Martin Jorgensen was replaced after 32 minutes. Sad for a man with 99 caps, there has been an upright flagpole on and off the pitch on national team since 1998. It was unfortunately completely okay that Olsen waved him off. Jesper Grønkjær came not on the pitch against Japan and it was never his World Cup.

A wretched repetition

Although the match started well, helped it much, because suddenly the team behind. The warning came after 13 minutes through a dangerous message in the box, but then beat Thomas Sorensen, how good a goalkeeper he has been all season in Stoke and throughout the World Cup qualifier for the national team. Now he was in the middle of a miserable repeat of what happened eight years ago, in Japan against England when he fumbled Rio Ferdinand’s header over the line. Now he was the villain against Japan.

Thomas Sorensen, was definitely warned Keisuke Honda’s free kick, and respect was to see. Since Honda kicked, came Sørensen one step left to cover the short corner, while the ball raged against his right side.

14 minutes after the first goal was mad again.

This time could Thomas Sorensen not do anything about kicking, which was nice, but the Danish wall was positioned incorrectly. There had to be, as a right-leg kicking, unscrewed the ball right on it and forward into the short corner. Lars Jacobsen as outer man was wrong and it was a crazy gaffe by Thomas Sorensen!

Denmark could not in those situations that applied. As at the World Championships in 2002 at the European Championships in 2004 and now again.


Jyllands-Posten of Denmark conveyed a public opinion poll  that 76% of the Denmark citizen answered “won in Japan” on 23rd. We cannot imagine what happens in WC.


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