A break of the exploration

I was crazy about dog fight by airplane recently. This is tiring very much. However, it’s not good that the exploration of the mainland becomes negligent. It is not my real intention.

I am relaxation in my Rera tonight.



I usually explore mainland, but my base is Rera of Homestead. I live in the Homestead alone.

I live in the suburbs of Tokyo in RL. However, I was born and raised in large North Japan,Hokkaido. I own the admiration on the large land.



I am not attracted very much in the big city. And I am weak in a hot place. The summer of Tokyo in particular is hot and humid. I am worn out in every summer.

Therefore, I like cool places,Sweden,Norway,Finland,Denmark…  I like North Europe generally.

言わば根っからの田舎者なんですよあたし。それに加えて大の本州の夏苦手ww だって蒸暑くて毎年死に掛けるんだもんww


I will sleep early because RL tomorrow is busy.


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