Fw190 : June 23, 2010

P-40s which are displayed in the foothold of Flying Tigers,WW2 TRIBUTE. Their P-40 is made by Starlight, and performance is good. They exceed a jet so that Cat says. It is certain that it is shot down by them even if I confront it.

フライイングタイガースの本拠地WW2 TRIBUTEのKunming AAFに駐機してある彼らの愛機P-40。Starlight製で、これがまた強いの何のww Catさんに言わせればジェット戦闘機より強力だとか。まあ立ち向かうほうが一方的にやられるパターンです。

Because it is realistic setting, my Fw190D9 is totally disadvantageous. However, I challenge them to a fight.


There was not a member of Flying Tigers that much tonight. I faced P-40 of juanshall. I avoid a dogfight and go to the at a high altitude. However, my Fw190 has bad even downward view.


I had to make a dogfight after all. The turning performance of Fw190 is bad. My Fw190 gradually lost altitude and fell into the danger of the stall. I planned a rise, but it was shot there, and it was shot down. I give an enemy damage, but I am shot down after all.

やっぱり格闘戦に持ち込まれましたww 旋回性能も悪い上にこれ加速も悪いので旋回しながら相手を追うと高度がどんどん落ちていきます。このままでは海面に墜落なので一度逃げて体制を立て直そうとするとそこを撃たれて撃墜されます。なんとか相手にダメージは与えられるんだけど結局は落とされる><

Miserable I…

まったくとほほですね>< どうやったら勝てるのかwww

 j : salutes
s : I lose
j : nice plane
s : hahah
s : My Fw is weak
j : you’ll be getting better with the time
j : u left me last time with 10
j : and now 80
s : FW does not turn
j : but that’s good
s : ty:)


Why are Fw190D9 and the improvement type Ta -152 popular in Japan? It is influence of the old Japanese animated cartoon.


However, the fact is different from an animated cartoon.


A descent at this angle is a suicidal act at a low altitude.


And Fw190 does not readily rise.






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