Corsica Walking vol.11


(A) Metal Heart Project Japanese gather for here and next SIM. Heart Project。隣のSIMも日本人で固まっています。 

I don’t know what some constructs here means. The Japanese private SIM inhabitants who were ever closed somehow or other seem to have emigrated to here. The private SIMs greeted the height of prosperity three years ago. The big boom of SL was before three years in Japan. 

ここでの構築物が何を意味しているのかはあたし知りません。どうやらかつての朱雀SIM(去年の夏から秋頃閉鎖)の関係者がここに移動した感じ。2007年、日本のSLがバブルに沸いた頃朱雀を含むAsuka Ground Cross sim群(朱雀、飛鳥、玄武、青龍、白虎)は最も日本SL界でにぎわった場所のひとつでした。 


I entered the building. 



Why is here a Shinto shrine?なぜか神社があるしw   

It seems to be the children’s park of the Japanese downtown area here.



I seem to lose my way.


  club RAIZEEN was a known dance club in Japanese SL at that time.  飛鳥にあったclub RAIZEENはここに移転したんですね。  

The scale is reduced, too, and there are not most of the then features now. 

(B) Enfield Airport does not have rez zone. Therefore, I cannot add here to the foothold of my exploration. 

Enfield AirportにはRez出来る場所がないのでここを出発地点にすることはできません。でも今はコルシカ大陸東部で唯一の飛行場ですかね。 









This MUSIC LOVERS PARK was made by a Japanese. A Japanese woman owns south next SIM. 


(E) Sanken Desires 




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