The Swedish Royal Family / quiet news in Japan

from DN.SE

At a wedding ceremony of Crown Prince Princess Victoria performed in Swedish Stockholm on 19th.Reuters, AP, AFP of global news agency canceled all news. They were dissatisfied at correspondence over the television of the Swedish public broadcasting,SVT. Unfortunately there was not most of the news of the wedding ceremony in Japan under the influence of these accidents. As a result, the correspondence of SVT may have erased the topic characteristics of the Swedish Royal Family.

 Japan’s largest news agency without images

Gentaro Ichii, a reporter for Japan’s largest news agency Kyodo News, was delivering his text from the wedding festivities in Stockholm without a picture of the bride and groom.

The interest in Japan has been great for prinsessbröllopet in Sweden, especially given that country’s own crown prince was a guest of honor. News Agency, Kyodo News provides newspapers with 50 Japanese materials.

The Agency’s London-based reporter Gentaro Ichii was in place in Stockholm on Saturday.When asked about the quarrels between Reuters and the SVT hit him and his readers he answers “yes, yes, yes”.

 “We got no pictures from the wedding in the church. I had to send my text without image.”
He says.

 Now Gentaro Ichii also written an article on the conflict between the SVT and the big three news agencies Reuters, AFP and AP.

 “I interviewed an official at the State Department who wanted to remain anonymous. “

He did not blame SVT but indicated that this is not managed properly.  He was not happy with the SVT’s behavior.

 Since Gentaro Ichi himself in working on a news agency, he is conversant with the issues that revolve around fraction – the battle for rights to major events.

” This is restricted to a current problem, a contemporary conflict that will affect my job in the future.”
He says.

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