Corsica Walking vol.10

(A) There was a statue of Michael Linden in the plot of the city shopping mall called Trendone City for some reason…

Trendone Cityという都市モールの一画になぜかMichael Lindenの彫像が・・・。

It is an excellent residence. Of course it is protected severely here by security and Banline.


(B) There is a shopping mall in the other side of the way. Such a place may rather play a role as the open space now.


(C)  How will about the view from that hill?



(D) I want to open a lunch box at such a place.

(E)Cyber Aquarium. It is a Japanese institution here…

Possibly is here a shopping mall? I don’t understand it well.

Happy Vision

 texture、forest, flower garden, piano, harp, greenhouse しょp

That is a masterpiece of the greenhouses.


(F) =Pearl= Shark Attack. An owner of here seems to be a Japanese.  Tattoos are sold here.

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