Corsica : Driving vol.4

I go to the east in the T-shaped road which went to the north by the last drive. Fortunately, I can rez my car immediately on the road side.


I go ahead through the long gentle downhill slope to the east.


There was an unpaved part when I advanced for a while.


My Barbie Car slipped and fell into the land of another person. The security of the land warns me.

Barbie Carは滑って他人の土地に落ちちゃいましたw セキュリティは早く去らないとイジェクトするぞって脅かすし><

I walked for a while.

Rez Zoneも見当たらないのでRezできる土地が見つかるまで徒歩です。

I was able to take out my car again at the place where there was the way of the stone pavement.


The pavement that a big stone was used for gives me vibration.


It turned into another pavement again before long.


Oh?  The side walsl disappears.

おや? 側壁が無くなってますね。

Actually I am easy to run for there not being a side wall more.


The way is twisted in a right angle in the left in the point that went down the slope.


I feel like seeming to be a Japanese street here.


I can judge it from the illustrations of the signboard.



I arrived at the finished spot last time. And I advance to the east more.


The pavement broke off.


I am foot again.

再びRez Zoneを探して徒歩で・・・

I took out my camion again in the land of another person. Rez Zone is unarranged in Corsica continent.

これも個人の土地です。コルシカはRez Zoneの整備が進んでいません。


Rocks increased.


Wow!! It is considerably a bad road here.


The course is diagonal, besides.


However, I can go for a drive happily.


My camion seems to climb the stairs.


The way repeats going up and down it.


I seem to have passed the mountains ground somehow or other.


Oh! I came back to the place of the scenery which I watched a while ago.


What is this narrow course? This must be the point that Yevad pointed out.

うわ、狭くて通れないじゃんw これがYevadが言ってたMoleのやらかしたドジね。

My camion clogged up the side wall at last.


It is the land of the Japanese developer here.


I withdrew from the left a while ago and advanced to the right angle to the right.


I ran the whole course of RouteX of Corsica.


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2 Responses to Corsica : Driving vol.4

  1. June Trefoil says:

    I bought a little parcel on Pearl a few weeks ago. It’s right at the point where the big rocks road turns to paved road on the east. I thought I saw a pink Barbie car go by yesterday!

    Your Corsica series has been very good.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Thank you,June 🙂
    I saw a Mole today in a public road near Pearl.
    He seemed to look at the state of the public road.

    Pearl is the region of the seaside.
    You can live on both plateau and seasides.
    You can enjoy it very much.

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