Fw190 : June 21, 2010

My Fw190D9. I’m not a Nazism believer or a militarist of former Japan  just because I ride on the German fighter at the time of WWII. I came to the stronghold of Flying Tigers.

Flying Tigers was the popular name of the 1st American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Air Force in RL. Their representative fighter in SL is Curtis P-40.

Aside from reality, P-40s in SL are strong. The speed, turning performance, the ability for rise are very good.

My Fw190D9 has low ability for rise, and the turning performance is inferior. And the body does a slip after turning. It is hard to treat this to a beginner like me very much. However, it may be because the builder was going to reproduce a real characteristic of Fw190.

It is basic that the Axis Powers force faces the Allied Forces as for the battle rule here.

My Fw190D9 takes off, but does not readily rise. They attacked me with 3fighters. I was shot down immediately.

I continued challenging it.

I want not to be attacked during a takeoff. Therefore I suddenly turn just after a takeoff and leave it at high speed to the sea. I try a rise apart from them.

However, I had to always fight against 3fighters.  I was shot down many times. They triumph and turn over me. I came to give them damage.

Because altitude falls during a dog fight, My Fw190D9 waits for them in at a high altitude. I can discover them of the distant place. Then they have begun to be cautious of me. They do not fight in the disadvantageous situation. I finished a battle and landed.

Must I always have it there against a majority? Oh, well. The main purpose of my flight is the exploration 🙂

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