At Olds AFB

 We found German main battle tanks,Leopard 2. The battle system,”vice” is incorporated in this tank at Olds AFB. It is a battle system for plane in SL originally. And Ethelbert incorporated it in this tank. Olds AFB has 3SIMs, and there is a stronghold of a famous plane builder in SL,AMOK. The owner of AMOK,Aeon is German, and the ratio of a German and  Japanese may be high at here.  Ethelbert was the plane builder which was near to AMOK, and he made my F-15J.

 Oh! This is Russian SPAAG. This  lightly armored, self-propelled, radar guided anti-aircraft weapon system is called  ZSU-23-4 “Shilka”.

 These are trial manufacture tanks in SL SPAAG fights with a plane from now on. A plane is an F-16 equipped with air-to-surface missile.

 The missile of the F-16 hit SPAAG.

 SPAAG counterattacks an F-16, too.

 These are not yet sold. And these investigate the possibility of the general battle system in SL.

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