Corsica Walking vol.9

(A) I found the excellent row of trees along RouteX of Dibacco. It is good as street forest.


 I looked in the site a little. The building where a point under construction is still left is the big house which  Japanese owns.


* MAU’s & MEJ’s *    Hair Flexi Fashion Plants Avatar Skins

Flexi Hair Flexy Hair Sculpty Hair Flexihair
Afro Rasta Asia Gor Fantasy Anime
Clothes Shoes Silks Skins Eyes
Plants Garden Flowers Swords


Many flowers bloom only here in the highlands of a very large rock.


(B) Ginza @ Tokyo 1930’s

Here is the town motifed from 1930’s Ginza Tokyo Japan. There are 5L$ shop, high rate camp, japanese kimono, original funitures, original scripted stuffs, outfits, skins, freebies and any more.


(C) Forum FIrmana is the shopping mall of the Southern Europe type.


There is a mysterious big building in the sky.


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