Corsica : Linden Memorial Park

There is an island consisting of 12 SIMs floating in the north more from the shore of the northeast of the Corsica continent. It is named generally with Linden Memorial Park, and it seems to be used for large-scale events.

Second Life Wiki  >Knowledge Base >Linden Lab Official:How do I request a memorial event in Linden Memorial Park?


The central region is named Linden Memorial Park.

その中心となるSIMが文字通りLinden Memorial Parkという名前のregion。

Linden Memorial Park is surrounded by big waterfalls. There is a stage in the position center that is lower than neighboring regions.


A grand view…


The bank of a small pond sitting astride Pinechapel and Canongate of the South-West.

南西部のPinechapel とCanongateにまたがる小さな池のほとり。

The stepping stone which was put between the South-West and the southern part.


The south of the island is a grassy plain approximately for events.


The northern part of the island is the forest.


After all LL has usage of considerably luxurious land.


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