Solliden is a Swedish castle on Öland,is located in the Baltic Sea just off the coast of Småland. The castle is the Swedish royal family’s summer residence and King Carl XVI Gustaf’s private property. It was completed 1906th.

The Palace of Solliden


From the park at Solliden(Panoramio)

Solliden Slott(Panoramio)

Queen Silvia visited Solliden first time in 1973, and had planted new varieties of trees in the surrounding oak forest, including tulip trees and arborvitae.

South of the villa is a pergola with vines that grow around the pillar. South of this is an Italian garden, adorned with statues and pots. South of the Italian garden is an English park with large grassy area and additional sculptures. Queen Silvia has had built fuchsiaarkader there.

West of the house is a rose garden and a croquet plan and a gazebo. Down at the Kalmar Sound is a port with jetties and baths.

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