“Just Do It” is no mantra in Japan. 日本人の大いなる矛盾

Financial Times explained contradiction in the Japanese politics calmly by “Just Do It” is no mantra in Japan.

Everybody understands what we should do. Just Do It  There should be the leader who can carry it out in Japan. The world people say in this way about Japan. FT uses gentlemanly expression. If I talk in a direct way it, it is the following sentences.

The Japanese economy is delayed by deflation,the sovereign debts increase,the population goes old aged. They don’t yet make a viewpoint clear from after the WW II.

Because all the Japanese Prime Ministers didn’t have ability?(Yes, the part of them)

Are all the Japanese Prime Ministers because they are stupid?(Yes, the part of them)

Japan kept off a new thing challenge. Japanese did not expect a change than Japanese politician. The Japanese cannot yet forget past economic prosperity.

The Japanese still demands the Swedish ordinary welfare for an American ordinary tax. Who can realize such a fairy tale?

As for the Japanese, a constitution for peace is still important (pushed to U.S.A.). the U.S. government wants Japan to contribute to international security. The Japanese resists U.S.A., but wants U.S.A. to protect Japan. The Japanese cannot find an answer by oneself.

And many Japanese do not yet notice one’s contradiction.










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