Corsica Walking vol.8


A view from the west of the great mountains area of the Corsica midcontinent. Because some buildings were obstructive, I flew up.


I tried mountain climbing on foot first. However, it was shut out in much Banline, and I gave it up.


Almost Banline is set in the west slope whole area.


Banline is set on the land having nothing. The inquiry from an airplane is the most effective in such an area.

こんな何も無いところもBAN LINE・・・。なので飛行機から一度確認しないことにはとても手間がかかるのです。

I found the land without Banline. However, flight is prohibited in here. Wow!  Must I walk?

やっと降りられるとこを見つけましたが飛行禁止w この荒野を歩いて踏破しろってかww

(A) Artistic Nature Water Gardens. It is an oasis here.



(C) I discovered a huge basin.


The East of this basin is opened closely. However, the unlikelihood of this topography is distinguished.


A rock garden.


I am useful for improvement of the scene of my Rera here.


However, why is screen put on here? I moved to east next.


“Chasm City

A building project / hangout / mad experiment brought to you by the residents of Nova Albion and Ambat and MetaHarpers everywhere.

Make a landmark! Check the post office box for notecards, and add your own!”

Ahh,the design thought of Nova Albion is incompatible with nature.  And this seems to be totally Mars station.

納得w 水と油のような間柄の風景が隣り合わせでした。

Furthermore, the east is a good residential area.


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3 Responses to Corsica Walking vol.8

  1. baker b. says:

    I lived on the edge of Chasm City for a month and never really figured out what was going on. My idea is that the big hole would be better served as a nature park. That’s the way it was when I first encountered it about a year ago, I believe.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    The various world in mainland is beyond my imagination.
    As for it, there do not be the person of the thought totally same as me at all. And it is a matter of course really.

    A thing thinking that I am good may not be always good 🙂

    A landowner decides how land is used.
    I want to say a little.
    Let’s take in green in more scenery 🙂

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