Swedish Garden : Gunnebo Slott

Västra Götaland is the second largest of Sweden’s  län on the western coast of Sweden. And the capital is Göteborg. There is Gunnebo Slott in the southeastern direction from the center of Göteborg.


When I examined it about Gunnebo Slott, I discovered a good site,swedishgardens.se . There are some good photographs in Gunnebo of the site. Here was a French garden and an Italian garden, but the detailed information was not found. And I cannot look at the official site.

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2 Responses to Swedish Garden : Gunnebo Slott

  1. I just can amaze imagine about the walks and row around this wonderland. And deep breath open eyes to be part of this view.


  2. ujiyasu says:

    The clear atmosphere, cool scenery,they are admiration for me.

    I love North European scenery. 🙂

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