Corsica : Driving vol.2

According to the road map of LDPW, the public road around the Corsica continent eastern part is RouteX. However, in real land information, the name is Circuit La Corse.

コルシカ大陸東部を巡る公道はLDPWのロードマップによればRouteX。実際の土地情報ではCircuit La Corseとなっています。

I rezed my camion near in the land of the beach of somebody because there was not Rez Zone.

近くにはRez Zoneがなく、しかた無く誰かの浜辺の土地にトラックをRezしました。

This camion crawls it up to the public road.


I diverged to the north after having run to the east for a while(red line).


The gentle uphill slope and Narrow width.


Pavement broke off here, but the public road spreads out to the west.


I went to the west in the off-road(blue line).


The camion is good at off-road driving.


That slightly elevated hill…




Sigh… I should have brought a lunch.


The public road passes the side of the wall of Kids Shop. During a flight, I was troubled by that wall.

ここはKids Shopです。飛行機で飛んだときすげーあの壁が邪魔だったw

This is a circuit indeed.


I went around the inland. The opposite bank is a departure spot.


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