Shameful Japanese victory 恥ずかしい日本の勝利

from DN.SE

Honda’s goal gave Japan a historic victory

Two teams that did not deserve to score. A team that did it. Japan took an historic victory when beating Cameroon 1-0 in the World Cup’s most powerful sleeping pills.

Tempo Poor, poor fit games and imagination, and point loose, chans loose. Japan and Cameroon, a night of World Cup football but the game was far from world class. Cameroon got nowhere and the Japanese single attack tactics – crushing balls into the depths – were frustratingly inefficient. Yet it was just such a ball that resulted in victory.

Daisuke Matsui, the right of the penalty area, put the ball on the left foot and murmured in a speech to the far post. It said Keisuke Honda was completely unmarked and undisturbed pick the ball down. He had plenty of time to put up 1-0 at the end of the first half.

The fact that Cameroon was a better ball possession after the break was logical. The chances were as few were still waiting.

But the acceptance was still close, very close. With five minutes left loaded Stephane Mbia from 25 feet and a few seconds later, shaking the whole målställningen of the powerful rib hit.

And the extra time ran Pierre webOS a post so that Eji Kawashima forced to stretch out its entire body length to avert.

But the goal was not forthcoming and the result was the match out. And one of the World’s most boring games so far had only one goal. The goal was Japan’s historic victory as this was the first time in World Cup history as Japan won a match in a World Cup finals to be held outside the home.



貧弱な試合運び、劣った適当なゲームと想像力の欠如。日本とカメルーン戦はワールドカップの試合と呼ぶにはあまりにお粗末な試合だった。どこでも見ることのできないカメルーンと日本の単調な攻撃戦術 – 深さへの壊滅的なボール – そして期待はずれに能率が悪かった。



Popularity of the professional football in Japan.

1 : Professional baseball 50%, 2 : sumo 19%, 3 : professional football 17&

The Japanese who is interested in FIFA World Cup is 41%. As for it, 13 points decreased from a previous WC. There is the Japanese who is not interested in WC at all to 38%.

The evaluation for the Japanese team is low in Japan. The team policy that is changed busily. The attack system which is not decided. The wrong placement of the players. An ineligible supervisor. The management of an unskillful association.





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