Corsica : The flight by F-15J vol.1

F-15J without armament has unparalleled flight stability in the mainland sky.


 I repeat a flight to the eastern part every time from the continent western part. F-15J and SAAB37Viggen are essential in these flights.


 I fly at high speed to the destination. And I set altitude to 100m in height above the ground in destination neighborhood.


The drawing of my PC is late. I look back and look at the ground state.


I look at the front to avoid confirmation of the topography and the building which projected. I during the flight always turn with  my camera.


 Oh! Jammer…


 When the drawing of the PC reaches the limit, I turn.

後方も描画が追いつかなくなってきたww 旋回して描画されるまで待つことも・・・


 I meet with a huge floats in the mountains ground.


 And a huge wall. This is the example which a level of SL is considerably inferior to in comparison with the other 3D worlds.


 The area that projected in the north of the continent seems to be management place of Linden.


Wao!! There is little load and is light.


 When I come back to the inland, I am busy with the evasion of the building again.



I finish the inquiry of the mountains ground and arrive at the southernmost extreme of the land.


I rise and hasten speed.


And I returned safely 🙂


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