Japan half-asleep and China which gain power

U.S.Pacific Fleet commander,Patrick M. Walsh said to Japanese journalist in the fleet headquarters of Pearl Harbor.

“It is not good for a professional that a Chinese naval helicopter near-missed to the naval escort of the Japanese Self-Defense Force on April. And the action lacks in responsibility.”

In late years the admiral expressed concern in China considering the South China Sea to be one’s sphere of influence like Taiwan and Tibet. The Chinese navy restricted Vietnamese fishermen. The admiral criticized it about China strengthening pressure in the neighboring shore country.

“They disturb the freedom of the navigation on high seas. And they jeopardize an economic important lifeline. The action from the Chinese naval to Japanese Self-Defense Force is a plan for their power expansion.”

Spratly Islands of the South China Sea showed a struggle local aspect of each outskirts country from the direct back where the United States Armed Forces withdrew from the Philippines. The American retreat more than this means the retreat of the liberalism in the Pacific.

Unfortunately the Japanese ex-Prime Minister was stupid. It may be the feeling that he visits the Chinese international exposition now, and is happy. He may just live in China without coming back to Japan. He brought a serious problem into the Japan-U.S. alliance during only eight months. He resigned, but the Democratic Party still maintains the government. I feel uneasy about this defective left political party.

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