Corsica Walking vol.7

(A) The inhabitants who made setting of the security severe increased recently. I am sent back to my home position as soon as I stepped into their land. This tendency makes movement in mainland difficult. However, most inhabitants do only movement by TP. And most inhabitants do not know the outskirts. And they are not interested in the outskirts.

(A) 最近は誰かが自分の土地に一歩踏み込んだだけでホーム送りにするセキュリティの設定をする外人が増えてきました。ますますメインランドの移動に難儀を来たしてメインランドの蛸壷化が進むと危惧しているんですが、考えてみれば大部分の人はSIMを移動するのにTPがほとんど。メインランドに住んでいる人であっても周辺なんか知らないし興味も無いという人もまた多いのですね。

(B) The Corsica continent has many the large-scale mountains ground. And I sometimes see a small independence mountain even if it is level ground.

(B) コルシカ大陸は山が多い大陸ですけれども、平地にもときどき思い出したように小さな山があったりします。

The landdcaping technique is confined to the range of the basic level.


The big wall where this obstructed the flight of my airplane.


(C) This similar obstacle surrounds Kid’s Shop.

(C) これもそうですが、ここはKids用品の店のようです。

The jet which was caught on BAN LINE.

BAN LINEに引っかかったままのジェット機。

(D) A public road extends from here to the east.

(D) ここから東へ公道が延びています。

The scene of region may not improve unless infrastructure is got ready by LDPW.


(E) Japanese shopping male,meteorite. Are there many visitors in such inland? The Japanese changes information in the small world only for Japanese. If they want to be active in the small world, the inland has rather good circumstances.


(F) In this whole area, a plateau is fit rather than the mountains ground.

(F) ここは山地というより台地ですね。

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2 Responses to Corsica Walking vol.7

  1. baker b. says:

    If B. is Ephant (think it is), I rented there for about 2 months. Great price for the rental; I’ve tried to rent, though, several times on the Cosica continent, and nothing has really engaged me yet. That could change — been exploring the seas of the Comma Islands, as I’m calling them, and finding some marvelous builds on and under the water. I’ll provide blog pics soon… may buy a 512 somewhere in that area soon, perhaps next month. 🙂

    Looking forward to see more reports from you on Corsica. Keep up the great work!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    the Comma Islands 🙂
    It is good naming. The east bottom of the sea of the island is very beautiful.

    Your pictures are impatient for me 🙂

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