F-15J of my special order

 I talked with myuki and Ethelbert of ibuki & Ethelbert airplanes shop about my F-15J of the special order.


 It is a lightweighting type of F-15J of ibuki & Ethelbert airplanes shop. It is the body that an armed related script was removed by F-15J of the normal type. And a high retainer of myuki is added to the lightweighting type.

ibuki & Ethelbert airplanes shopさんのF-15の機体を更に軽量化してmyukiさんの高度維持装置を追加するというものです。ひたすらこれもViggen同様低空からのメインランド陸地進入を追及した機体です。

 I made a test flight with F-15J of myuki in Heterocera.


Calleta region is raggy. We escape to the south.


 mainland is raggy recently generally.


 Alternation use in Viggen and F-15J is possible hereby.


 F-15J is used for an exploration flight of mainland after having completely learned operation.

 The script incorporated newly operates without a problem.

The speed of my exploration will improve hereby.

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