SAAB 37 Viggen at Heterocera(June 10, 2010 )

 My SAAB 37 Viggen is  JA(fighter and attacker).  However, I take pictures in a low-altitude flight without fighting. Therefore, my Viggen may be good in SH(Reconnaissance). I fly for the photography flight of the Heterocera continent where the mountains are the most beautiful in mainland.

 In this continent, I sometimes make a mistake in a direction for curving land.

 The mountain gradually rises in the north from the south.

 When the drawing of the PC is not enough for high speed, I turn and pass by again.

 A feeling of speed in the low altitude increases than at a high altitude.

 The building which projected highly must evade it hastily.

 I drop after having turned sometimes.

 It is to finish drawing at the time of turning.

 I pass a low altitude at high speed as far as my PC can paint pictures.

 The flight altitude is 100m maintenance above the ground.

 I see Main Line of SLRR below.

I’m going to fly in the north side of the mountain range on the next time.

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