Corsica Walking vol.6

I can understand that building is made by Japanese resident. Thet is Kiyomizu temple’s stage.


The structure of the stage does not cover a figure of the mountain. And it can use space of the mountaintop widely. However, it may need much prims in SL.


The view from the stage is distinguished. All the neighboring forest is surrounded in BAN LINE. The Japanese does not set up much BAN LINE.

舞台からの眺めは絶景です。が、周囲の森は全てBAN LINEで囲まれています。外国人BAN LINE好きですねー。まあ景色が良いので良しとしときましょう。

There are many people installing the building that a figure of a mountain is hidden in mainland.


I flew up and confirmed a figure of the mountain after all.


The garden was made with flat structure at mountaintop in the north side of the mountainous district. Had better not the flat garden make it in low land? Or is the cloud necessary for the garden?


The good scenery seemed by the photography from my airplane here,but…


This is the struggle of ugly land. BAN LINEs are set on the very small lands.

未だに地上げのようなことしてるとこがあります。この狭い土地にそれぞれBAN LINE張ってる・・・。

I put distance and confirmed a figure of the mountain.


There is nothing on the mountaintop.


There is a mountain in the southeastern direction one more. After all BAN LINE was set in the neighboring forest…

少し南東にあるもう一つの山も同じような感じです。森はBAN LINEが張られています。

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2 Responses to Corsica Walking vol.6

  1. I’m really counter all this “bannie” people and arborean living, where has non sense into a supposed residents community.

    That kind of people, as the ones that uses offsim into a real protected sim, are very unfair neighbourgs.

    If you found an offsim, rich and beautiful Reef or rock-waves in the middle of a pass or corner… Why you all don’t denounce that harassing abuse of the rest of residents that can’t use a “protected pass”??

    Same for “non scripters allowance” and “bannie lovers”. Often the general sic “sim crossing” came that people adding sadly egoist profit instead permit all travellers keep their route quait and safe.

    Hugh Yamato,
    keep doing well.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    I wish the indication methods of Banlines increase in view tab of viewer.
    It is indication such as Highilighit Transparent.
    Because Banlines is displayed strongly, I can evade the place effectively.

    It may be good idea a continent for people liking Banlines to be set.
    The name of the continent is “The Octopus Traps”.

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