Corsica : The boat navigation vol.5

Zyngo Play has the valuable surface of the sea at these outskirts. We can rez our boat in  here.

Zyngo Playはこの周辺でボートをRezできる貴重な海面を提供してくれています。

A traveler and a pathfinder are thankful for such a place.


I went from the pier to the north.


Because BAN LINE is set up, we must be careful to the residential area whole area looking like the right hand.

右手に良い漢字の住宅地を眺めつつ北上。しかし住宅地のあるSIMはほぼ全域にBAN LINEが張られているので入れません。

This route has many places that only a corner of region can pass. The north side of the island in particular must navigate it while being careful. We don’t have the time enjoying scenery.

今回の航路はSIMの隅だけ通過できるような場所が多くて特に島の北岸は航路に注意を払わなければならず、景色を見ながらのんびり航海というわけにはいきません。しかもSIMの北端だけがprotected landになっているので通過できる場所も非常に限られます、

It is often that the removable place to next region is limited to the corner of region.


I took a break at the rez area of ~Mynerva~.

”Mynerva is a brand new shop to SL, nestled in an extinct volcano on the oceanfront! the grounds also have a forest walk. We sell cute and unique skins, shapes, eyes, tattoos, elf ears, jewelry and more
Rhapzody WIlde & Zarothan Wylder”


There is the forest on the back of the shop, too.


RYU-OH-DOH     —– Samurai Shop —–

—Samurai Armor—     —Samurai Sword—
—Weapons—              —Japanese Art—

I explain it in detail by the other article here.

I finish a voyage in Rez Area of the place called Gallery, Beach and Photo Studio of Lauzon this time. Because BAN LINE is set up, be careful to forward tree house.

今回はLauzonのGallery, Beach and Photo StudioというところのRez可能な海で航海を終えます。ちなみに前方のツリーハウスはBAN LINEを張っていますw。その向こうのギャラリーも年齢認証が必要です。

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