The Australian who feels hostility for Japan

from ABC News(Australia)

Whalers blow whistle on meat racket

Australia’s bid to take Japan to the International Court of Justice over its so-called scientific whaling program may be about to get a boost.


Comment (extract)


It really surprises me that Japan is not really carrying out research, but seeking to profit from their exploits in the Southern Ocean. Come on, we’ve known this for decades.


I herd this morning on AM Japanese ultra-nationalists saying that the west uses information from these activists to shame Japan. That’s not quite right. Japan shames itself by lying and the ultra-nationals shames Japan by seeking to hide it.


Who cares. We catch salmon & tuna & we eat them & export them. I really can’t see the difference. The Japanese have been eating whales for a thousand years – why is this big news? The world has forced Japan to kill & eat fish this way. Note the Norwegians are not mentioned – they kill whales but do so in their own waters so the world ignores this.
I ate whale in Korea. Can’t see what the big attraction is as it’s not very tasty anyway. So many other nicer fish to consume.
The Indians generally won’t consume cows – does that mean Australians should give up beef?

誰が気にするんです? 我々はサケとマグロを捕えます、で、我々はそれらを食べて、そしてそれらを輸出します。どこが鯨と違うんです?日本人は、1000年の間クジラを食べていました – それがなぜ大きいニュースになるんです?世界は、日本にこのように魚を殺してと食べることを強制しました。ノルウェー人が言及されない点に注意してください – 世界がこれを無視するように、彼らはクジラを殺すが、彼ら自身の流れの中でそうします。私は、韓国でクジラを食べました。それがいずれにしろあまりおいしくなくて、大きい引きつける力が何であるかについて、見ることができません。もっと美味しい魚が食べられていますよ。
インディアンは、一般に牛を食べません – だからと言ってオーストラリア人が牛肉を食べるなと言われたらどうです?

the Japanese have NOT been consuming whale meat for thousands of years. they commenced the practice as a necessity after their defeat in World War Two.



Australians in support of Japan are extremely few. And the Australian regards the Japanese whole as a disgraceful country. In other words, according to them, I am a disgraceful human being, too. However, it is not to be surprised in particular.

It is the hostility that an Australian has for Japan to become clear. As for Australia Japan relations, it must be retreated overall.



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